Shirts listed recently

Some fantastic shirts recently listed on both websites

It has been busy on the rugby shirt side with the World Cup starting today, the best sellers being England and the All Blacks, will these 2 be in the final come October 31st, we’ll see. England have to get through the first game tonight vs Fiji

Although it has been busy shipping orders, further shirts have been added. A Fiji 7’s match worn shirt recently added, a fantastic shirt from 1999

The England shirt I really like is by Cotton Oxford from the 1990/91 season

Just a simple rugby shirt!!

Another Cotton Oxford shirt recently added is a Wallabies shirt from the 1980s

A popular All Blacks shirt is this one, which unfortunately we only have left in Medium

Moving to the football side lots of different shirts from around the world

Further Manchester United shirts including this Solskjaer long sleeved shirt from 2000/02

A Sporting CP, i get told off for calling them Sporting Lisbon, away shirt from 2001/02 with Jardel print

Santo Andre shirt from the 1990’s made by Rhumell

Check out all the other shirts on both sites



Shirts listed on both sites

Some fantastic shirts listed on both websites

It appears that Mufc have gone back to Adidas but I think this gem from the early 1990s is better than the recent release

On the rugby shirt side, the 2015 World Cup is coming up. I have got a ticket for the All Blacks vs Tonga at St James Park and I particularly like this All Blacks shirt

Have a look at the sites and see what your favourites are

Classic Football Shirts &

Classic Rugby Shirts



Shirts listed today – Football and Rugby

Shirts listed today on website

First today a Deportivo La Coruna shirt that is BNWT from 2004


link here, Hard to find still with tags. This is a size Large and is priced at £34.99

2nd today is a Liverpool Away shirt from 2006 with Champions League Printing and patches

Rare size Medium and priced at £34.99


Last on the football side today a Nottingham Forest shirt with felt Van Hoojidonk print from 1998/ 2000 seasons


Shirt is size XL and priced at £34.99


On, 3 different shirts

First Army Poppy shirt, size Small with a small mark on so priced at £27.99



2nd today is this Melrose shirt made by O’Neills, size Large and priced at £24.99

Look striking in this luminous green shirt



Last today a 2010 Wasps St Georges Day shirt from 2010 in size Medium, £22.99






Look at both websites for lots more football and rugby shirts



Shirts listed today

First today on the football site is this Barcelona Home shirt from 1997/98 size XL, some pulls on it so a low price of £22.99. Link here



Then a long sleeve Galatasaray shirt from 2001/02 made by Lotto, size Large and price at £49.99

There is also a 3rd shirt with long sleeves from the same season on the site








Finally on the football side, Borussia Dortmund shirt with long sleeves from the 1998/ 2000 seasons, size XXL price at £29.99

3 more today on the rugby site




An England shirt by Cotton Traders one of the Cotton Traders Classics range, shirt is Brand New with Tags in size Medium and priced at £39.99


2nd today an old Leeds RL shirt made by Umbro from 1992, I like the Leeds in big letters  on the back so I think this should appeal to both rugby and football fans, link here

Last today an Italy Track top made by Kappa





Shirts listed today

Some good shirts listed today on both this and the rugby site, 

Firstly a rare Sao Paulo shirt from 1993/94 with the number 10 on the back which was the number of Leonardo. The shirt is in very good condition with only minor bobbling and all the numbers and logos are within the material of the shirt. A lovely shirt and for its age all the colours are nice and bright. The shirt is size XL and price is £54.99



Second today a rare Chelsea long sleeved Player Issue Adidas Formotion Away shirt with felt Drogba printing from the 2007/08 season . The shirt is in excellent condition and the player features are the Formotion logo at the bottom of the shirt and protective backing behind the Adidas logo. Despite the photo there are the Adidas stripes on both sleeves!!. The size is XL and is priced at £54.99

Link is here



Last on the football side today is this very rare Holland shirt from the 1982/84 seasons. It is an Adidas Ventex shirt with long sleeves. I particularly like the video on the link which shows a young Ruud Gullit scoring. The shirt is in excellent condition for its age and although there is no size showing on the label, it will be likely be a Medium from that era. Shirts like this though will never be worn (i hope)



Turning to the rugby side, again 3 shirts

2 Scotland and 1 England shirt

With the first one I really like this long sleeved Cotton Oxford shirt. I wasn’t sure about which year it was from but none other than Andy Nicol (ex Scotland player who appears on BBC) tweeted to say he thought it was 1996/97 so I’ll go with that!!. Check my retweet on @classicrugby for that one. The shirt is big and sized 3XL, priced at £49.99, you don’t see many of these around.

Second a Test version of a Scotland shirt from 2011/12, this is sized 3XL but is nowhere near a usual 3XL size. This priced at £44.99

Last but not least a limited edition England shirt made by Canterbury  inspired by the first England shirts in 1871. The shirt is BNWT and is size Small, price at £44.99. Lovely shirt to keep this one. @brisVADAR tweeted to say “love mine – quality shirt!!!”

Thats it for today, check out all the other shirts on both sites

Cheers, Ade


Boca Juniors 1996 Maradona Shirt

Another iconic shirt has just been listed on

.A Boca Juniors shirt by Olan from 1996 with number 10 and Maradona on the back

This shirt is a size Large and a Medium size is already available on the site.


I have also sep up a Pinterest account and you can see the shirt on there



Manchester United 1999 Champions League Football Shirt

Truly an amazing shirt that I have just done a quick video of. This is a Manchester United long sleeved shirt from 1999. With “UEFA Champions League Winners 1999” embroidery above Umbro. This is very rare in that it has long sleeves and is in size Medium but also is Brand New with Tags


You can relive that famous night in Barcelona, however because of the rarity of the shirt there has been a lot of interest. Listing is here

and video is here




New shirts Listed

Bringing you the greatest football shirts on the planet. Classic Vintage Football Shirts is the place for rare, vintage and retro football shirts. Old football jerseys from teams and clubs around the world

Over the last week, there have been some excellent shirts listed on the website

ON the football website

a lot of interesting shirts have been listed. Firstly a Roma 1992/94 shirt made by Adidas which is in superb condition

a Monaco BNWT shirt from 2003/04

a long sleeved Galatasaray shirt from 2001/02

Others include a Litex Lovech shirt (a Bulgarian team), Guarani (from Brazil) and a Dynamo Kiev shirt made by Umbro from 1993/94

Also check out the rugby site

Firstly a 1980s Saracens shirt made by Nuttalls was listed and as there was a lot of interest has sold already. With the World Cup coming up, 90 days from today in actual fact, a South Africa BNWT shirt has been listed

and a Tonga 2007 World Cup shirt made by Kooga size XXL

Keeping in the southern hemisphere a Samoa 2011 WC shirt

and an unusual red All Blacks shirt from 1999/2000

Finally on the WC theme, an England 2003 shirt

Others listed include a 2001/02 Chiefs shirt, a 2005 Sydney Roosters shirt, South Africa 1996/97, a RAF Western Wolves shirt and finally a one off Newport Gwent Dragons shirt from 2011–gwent-dragons-rugby-union-charity-shirt-adults-large-wales-5958-p.asp


Check out both sites for lots more very rare and interesting shirts

I have also joined Pinterest with both sites for Classic Rugby Shirts, see this

and for football shirts see this



Crazy Shirts

Whilst listing shirts on both this site

and my rugby shirts site

I find some very interesting and shall we say colourful shirts

On the football side I have to first mention Hull City and their tiger print shirts from the nineties which are regularly top of the most awful charts

I like this shirt

but this one has to be worse–4648-2275-p.asp

I have also listed a Brighton “Chewit” shirt–hove-albion–away-football-shirt-top-jersey-large-chewit-2889-p.asp

A Hereford Migraine shirt

This Peterborough one also is a bit shall we say loud–patches-2953-p.asp

There are others on the site and if you think there are any worse than these let me know

Now on to rugby shirts of which there are a good number of belters

Firstly Edinburgh

Stade Francais will always get a mention, firstly with this Warhol shirt

and with this zig zag

The ones that are probable the worst (or best) are the Army Camouflage ones, especially these in pink

or this in green

Lastly I’ll sign off with the Ulster cartoon shirt

Again there are others on the rugby shirt site, let me know your worst


Classic Football Shirts


New shirts listed

Bringing you the greatest football shirts on the planet. Classic Football Shirts is the place for rare, vintage and retro football shirts. Old soccer jerseys from teams and clubs around the world

Shirts are being listed all the time, examples of shirts listed over the last week include the following

– Argentina 2005 Away Soccer Shirt Size Medium with Messi printing as worn at the Under 20 World cup, priced at £49.99, link below. Rare shirt this one

– Deportivo La Coruna 1997/98 Away Football Shirt, size XL, price £34.99

– West Ham United Football shirt BNWT from 2010/11, size 4XL, price £29.99

link below

I would also recommend the site

Shirts listed on that site this week include

a very rare Guam Rugby shirt made by Canterbury 

a rare China rugby shirt

an even rarer Peoples Liberation Army of China rugby shirt

Thanks, Ade