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Whilst listing shirts on both this site

and my rugby shirts site

I find some very interesting and shall we say colourful shirts

On the football side I have to first mention Hull City and their tiger print shirts from the nineties which are regularly top of the most awful charts

I like this shirt

but this one has to be worse–4648-2275-p.asp

I have also listed a Brighton “Chewit” shirt–hove-albion–away-football-shirt-top-jersey-large-chewit-2889-p.asp

A Hereford Migraine shirt

This Peterborough one also is a bit shall we say loud–patches-2953-p.asp

There are others on the site and if you think there are any worse than these let me know

Now on to rugby shirts of which there are a good number of belters

Firstly Edinburgh

Stade Francais will always get a mention, firstly with this Warhol shirt

and with this zig zag

The ones that are probable the worst (or best) are the Army Camouflage ones, especially these in pink

or this in green

Lastly I’ll sign off with the Ulster cartoon shirt

Again there are others on the rugby shirt site, let me know your worst


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