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Some good shirts listed today on both this and the rugby site, 

Firstly a rare Sao Paulo shirt from 1993/94 with the number 10 on the back which was the number of Leonardo. The shirt is in very good condition with only minor bobbling and all the numbers and logos are within the material of the shirt. A lovely shirt and for its age all the colours are nice and bright. The shirt is size XL and price is £54.99



Second today a rare Chelsea long sleeved Player Issue Adidas Formotion Away shirt with felt Drogba printing from the 2007/08 season . The shirt is in excellent condition and the player features are the Formotion logo at the bottom of the shirt and protective backing behind the Adidas logo. Despite the photo there are the Adidas stripes on both sleeves!!. The size is XL and is priced at £54.99

Link is here



Last on the football side today is this very rare Holland shirt from the 1982/84 seasons. It is an Adidas Ventex shirt with long sleeves. I particularly like the video on the link which shows a young Ruud Gullit scoring. The shirt is in excellent condition for its age and although there is no size showing on the label, it will be likely be a Medium from that era. Shirts like this though will never be worn (i hope)



Turning to the rugby side, again 3 shirts

2 Scotland and 1 England shirt

With the first one I really like this long sleeved Cotton Oxford shirt. I wasn’t sure about which year it was from but none other than Andy Nicol (ex Scotland player who appears on BBC) tweeted to say he thought it was 1996/97 so I’ll go with that!!. Check my retweet on @classicrugby for that one. The shirt is big and sized 3XL, priced at £49.99, you don’t see many of these around.

Second a Test version of a Scotland shirt from 2011/12, this is sized 3XL but is nowhere near a usual 3XL size. This priced at £44.99

Last but not least a limited edition England shirt made by Canterbury  inspired by the first England shirts in 1871. The shirt is BNWT and is size Small, price at £44.99. Lovely shirt to keep this one. @brisVADAR tweeted to say “love mine – quality shirt!!!”

Thats it for today, check out all the other shirts on both sites

Cheers, Ade


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